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Michael Giannulis Talks About Proven Sales Strategies For Business Growth

Unless you have the sales strategies under your belt, it becomes really difficult to focus on business growth. As per leading entrepreneur, Michael Giannulis, you need to have a good hold on the sales growth now. You will come across some of the specified strategies that not only you but your team needs. To work on, just to see some of the strong numbers over here.

. Trying to increase the penetration in current market:

Around 60% of the respondents are likely to focus on what they are good at doing. Which is selling to their present market. All your systems have been set up already. The team is here and now knows how to work on it right. It is time for you to stick right back to your knitting and trying to grow the market shares in what you are able to do best. Remember that your firm here has a good reputation. So, be sure to exploit this foundational portion of your current business for enhancing the quick sale ratio.

. Development of the market:

Make sure to devise a way, which will sell more of present product to adjacent market. For that, try to sell your service or product to customers in another state or city. Some experts like Mike Giannulis have pointed out that most of the fast growing firms rely on the market development, to be their main growing strategy.

. Checking out with the alternative channels according to Mike Giannulis:

This is yet another growth strategy to follow. Which will involve pursuing customers in some different manners, like selling items online. For example, whenever Apple added the retail division, it was also adopting one of its alternatives channeling strategies. Using the internet as your best mean for customers will help you to access services or products in different ways. For example, you can try to adopt any rental model or software as major service.

. As per Michael Giannulis, people love to buy benefits:

You must know that people are not here to buy the products, but they are keener towards the results they will get from purchasing the items. So, it is time for you to identify the current customer first by creating a proper list of benefits. That your customers are likely to enjoy from using your product. The same goes for companies offering services as well.

. Identification of problem, if any:

Try to think about the problems your customers are facing and you are able to solve them. Once you have done your part of identifying customers well, it won’t belong to come across services or products, which will solve those issues. This way, you will get to attract more customers to come your way and solve your issue now.

It is mandatory that you increase sales by focusing on a strategy first. The task might seem easier when you work on it, but with a little bit of research, you will find the complexities involved. During that time, experts are down to help.

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