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Michael Giannulis is an experienced entrepreneur and successful in scaling his publishing enterprise to more than $25 million when it came to gross sales.

michael giannulis

Michael Giannulis is chief executive officer

Mike Giannulis

Michael Giannulis is the chief executive officer of BPO USA as well as Pixx Media. He is also the co-owner of a leading real estate investment firm. He likes to share his business strategies including scaling tips with enthusiast entrepreneurs. Besides that, Michael has a very noble cause to come to the assistance of US students. Who cannot afford higher studies in the country.

michael giannulis
Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis wants every company to grow. His previous endeavors have been helping e-commerce companies making more than $20 million in yearly revenues. These days, Michael is scaling many health firms under the Sanetris umbrella. He is also helping health or for that matter any supplement business, if they are interested in pursuing a joint venture or selling the business.

Read before applying scholarship

Do you follow conventional business practices? If so, you must have heard about saving the first dollar, right from the first sale. Small as well as established business houses, have been following this practice for a while now. It acts as a sign of the hard work that you put in to make your business successful.

From the lockdown phase of almost no business activity, we have stepped on to the unlock phase. Since there is a lesser but regular business activity, people think that things are back to normal. Things will not get back to normal in life and business; until such time, the virus curve flattens down. 

michael giannulis

Small business owners face challenges with business finance management. Most small business owners are successful because of the skills they use to market a product or service. However, when small business companies lack correct business finance managing skills, it can be a challenging task. And business owners can also make the wrong decision.

Michael Giannulis is immensely aware of the fact that advanced education expenses in the United States are very costly in comparison to other countries around the world. The college or university course fees are tremendously high if a US candidate likes to pursue a higher degree or course from any renowned educational organization in the country. Simultaneously, Michael Giannulis truly understands that higher college or university education in America is the key to a successful career now and in the future. With higher education, you can have a winning career.

With thought process in his mind, he has come up with Scholarship program for helping poor students of the US. Especially for middle-class or low-income group families so that they can pay the fees for their higher studies.

About Michael Giannulis

Michael Giannulis knows that sending on expensive college or university fees for higher studies is rather demanding, unfeasible for the poor students, especially those hailing from middle-class or poor income families in the country. To speak the truth, the students from poor financial backgrounds are often force to take expensive education loans from financial companies or banks in comparison to their rich counterparts coming from affluent backgrounds for funding their higher education course fees. That is why he initiated the Michael Giannulis Scholarship program. This scholarship  is talent-based and merit-oriented prize money for those candidates, who has academic potential but not the money to fund their higher education.

The monetary assistance is helpful because the poor US students aren’t require to repay the money like when they apply for an educational loan from a Fintech or bank in the US. It is nothing but a one-time monetary aid or a cash reward for the most brilliant and deserving student who pens the best essay with a word limit of approx 700-850 on the topic, “How Do You Scale Your Business and Improve Operations?

Michael Giannulis is a talented and accomplished business owner. He is aware that education is the most important and crucial aspect when it comes to developing a successful career. However, the higher expenses in pursuing advance degree courses in the United States seem to be shooting up every year. Numerous American students are finding it extremely challenging or unfeasible to finance their higher education on their own.

Michael Giannulis Scholarship

Taking all these aspects into view, he has created the Michael Giannulis Scholarship with the noble objective of helping the most talented and most deserving student in alleviating financial stress and overcome the financial obligation of costly education in the popular and accredited colleges or universities in the country.

The Michael Giannulis Scholarship comes as monetary aid to poor US students, who can’t shell out the higher-education college fees. The prize money has, therefore, offers an amount of $1,000 to the most ingenious and brilliant student in the country.


Before any candidate applies for the Scholarship program, he or she requires fulfilling the essential eligibility criteria:

The candidate must be currently register at one of the accredit and popular US colleges or universities in the country.

The student should be a freshman, sophomore, or junior.

All candidates should write an elaborate, interesting, and useful essay of approx 700-850 words on the subject, “How Do You Scale Your Business and Improve Operations?”

Michael Giannulis Reward Money

Michael Giannulis scholarship prize money would be given to the most talented, brilliant, and knowledgeable essay writer.  It is based on the evaluation of each essay submission until the last date of submitting the said essays, as mentioned unequivocally. The students or candidates who manage to write about how entrepreneurs can scale their business and boost operations in innovative ways will receive the  Scholarship cash reward. The information should be unique and not published elsewhere. All information needs to be supported with data and facts to corroborate all details.

The Michael Giannulis Scholarship is a one-time cash prize of $1,000.

The Michael Giannulis scholarship-based essay write-ups must be submitted through an email as an attached Word file to info@michaelgiannulisscholarship.com.

The following details need to be emailed together with the essay submissions:

 . Complete Name

  • Telephone Number
  • Email ID
  • Mailing Address
  • High School Graduation Date
  • University or College you currently enrolled, or have applied at, or whose application approved
  • Most recent or Present GPA
  • Personal Bio-data in not more than 290 characters

The last date for the scholarship program essay entry is July 1, 2021.

The winner will be declared on July 15, 2021, via an email.

The name of the final winner or best essay writer will be published on this website www.michaelgiannulisscholarship.com.  

In conclusion

The ultimate winner, who pens the best and exceptional essay, will be informed via an official email. The student needs to get in touch with Michael Giannulis within a couple of weeks or so by replying to the email. The cash prize money will be sent directly to the candidate’s bank or financial aid account.